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Diet Coke & Lilith's House of Snax Wiki

A battlefield upon which two best friends/cretins hash out their opinions about cheap food.

This is a wiki about the podcast "Diet Coke & Lilith's House of Snax." All jokes are canon.

News (May 8, 2022)[]

Until this month, the Wiki only had information from the first 26 episodes. It is now up to date as of Episode #41.

Changes that have been made since February:

  • Added “The Fun Sucker” page (Character)
  • Added "Space Bug Invasion" page (Event)
  • Updated the Snack Ratings Chart with ratings from episodes #27 through #41
  • Made “wouldn’t” ratings on the Snack Ratings Chart red to make the chart easier to read
  • Added “Highly Controversial Snack Opinions” (Dr. Pepper, Apples) section to Diet Coke page
  • Added various Snack Keeper and Snack Dimension lore from episodes #27 through #41
  • Added "Anatomy" section to the Snack Keeper page
  • Added "Possession of Lilith" and "Possible Upcoming Death" as parts of the Snack Keeper's history
  • Added some geographical information from Episodes #34 and #36 to the House of Snax location page
  • Organized points on the Future Business Plans page into two categories
  • Added information about synthetic sex goo rivers to the sex goo page
  • Added "Taco Bell" section to Lilith page
  • Added paragraph about Bubble Up to "Crime" section of Lilith page
  • Added some miscellaneous snack opinions and quotes to Diet Coke and Lilith pages
  • Updated Aliases and Occupations in some character infoboxes
  • Several additions made to Future Business Plans, On Podcast Wiki Mentions, and Audience Participation
  • Added some text to the bottom of the Home page
  • Lilith forgot to rate Sprite.

News (February 8, 2022)[]

This Wiki is currently missing information from episodes after #26. I have written notes about the following episodes, and the Wiki will be updated again soon.

Changes that have been made to the Wiki in January 2022:

  • Updated the Official Snack Ratings chart
  • Added an explanation for the “Other” column in the Snack Ratings chart
  • Added Quotes section to the Lilith page
  • Added “Bag Noise Coke” as an alias of Diet Coke
  • Minor miscellaneous information added to the Snack Keeper page
  • Several snack opinions added to Diet Coke page
  • Some minor other facts added to Diet Coke page
  • Added Audience Participation page
  • Several snack opinions added to Lilith page
  • Added citations on “here we go”
  • Added like 10 things to the Future Business Plans list
  • Removed “work in progress” from Diet Coke and Lilith pages
  • Numbered the snacks in the ratings chart
  • Updated multiple pages to include new information about the goo
  • Added “Relationships” section on the Snack Keeper page

Important articles[]

Characters: - [The Snack Keeper] -[Diet Coke] - [Lilith] - [Christmas Valentine] - [The Fun Sucker] - [The Villain of Walgreens] - [Gummi Martians]

Locations & Events: - [The House of Snax] - [The Snack Dimension] - [Hell] - [Space Bug Invasion]

Food & Objects: - [Chup] - [Snack Dimension Sex Goo]

Lists & Charts: - [Official Snack Ratings] - [Future Business Plans] - [On Podcast Wiki Mentions] - [Audience Participation]


While this Wiki is written almost entirely by one person, I welcome anyone who wants to add information or edit stuff, especially if you see a mistake. I recommend creating an account on the website so your username is connected to your edits instead of your IP address. To the podcast hosts: feel free to edit or remove anything you’re uncomfortable with having on a written record or dislike for any reason.

Message @MushyMustard on Twitter for questions or concerns.